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Prime quality steel strip is produced with longitudinal slitting line manufactured by FASPAR S.p.A. (Italy) by loosening coils from carbon steel of ordinary quality, structural and stainless steel. The plants operation is oriented towards production to our customers orders. Major part of produced strip is shipped for export. The plant fully meets the needs of our pipe/tube production as well. Steel strip production from our customers material is also possible.

Hot-rolled steel strip is produced according to TUU 27.1 20330053-002:2011. Cold-rolled steel strip is produced according to TUU 27.3 20330053-002:2011.

The output capacity of the plant is up to 30,000 tons per month.

Brief specification of the longitudinal slitting line

Technical parameters Measure
Maximum weight of fed coil (semifinished rolled product) kg 20 000
Dimensions of fed coil (semifinished rolled product)
  • outer diameter
  • inner diameter
  • coil width
  • thickness

  • up to 1800
  • up to 600
  • from 600 to 1600
  • from 1,0 to 5,0
Tensile strength (of semifinished rolled product), max MPa 637
Maximum quantity of strips cut from one fed coil with its thickness:
  • up to 1,5 mm
  • from 1,5 to 3,0 mm
  • from 3,0 to 5,0 mm
  • 26
  • 18
  • 11
Maximum weight of finished strip coil kg 20 000
Dimensions of finished strip coil
  • outer diameter
  • inner diameter
  • width
  • up to 1800
  • 508
  • from 40 to 1500

Steel strip is packed with PET or steel packing strap into bundles with weight up to 20 tons which are placed on wooden pallets. Cold-rolled strip is additionally packed with polymeric materials ensuring secure protection against unfavorable environmental impact when transported and stored. Finished products are weighed with electronic scales with capacity of 20 and 10 tons and weighing accuracy of 10 and 5 kg accordingly.

Finished products are shipped by sea, railway or motor transport. Each strip is marked with a tag containing the following information: standard or normative and technical documentation, dimension, steel grade, melt number, lot number, weight, manufacturers trademark. Each lot of dispatched products is accompanied with Quality Certificate.

Our steel strip is used for production of steel sections, guard rails, electric-welded tubes, formed sections and in stamping.

Quality control system of "AG Steel" LLC is certified in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001.Certificate of the quality control system No. UA2.006.08396-14 is issued on April 02, 2014 and is valid till April 01, 2019. The Certificate confirms that quality control system of production for prime quality hot- and cold-rolled steel strips, electrically welded steel pipes/tubes with a diameter from 16 to 168 mm and electrically welded steel profile tubes with the dimensions from 1510 to 130130 mm conforms to the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001-2001.

JV "Sekond LTD" production has been attested by UkrSEPRO certification system.The Certificate confirms that production condition of prime quality hot- and cold-rolled steel strip manufactured in accordance with TUU 27.1 20330053-002_2011 Prime Quality Hot-Rolled Steel Strips and TUU 27.3 20330053-002:2011 Prime Quality Cold-Rolled Steel Strips ensures stability of all parameters listed in the normative documents.

Production Certificate Certificate of the quality control system

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