Electric-welded pipes/tubes and steel strip production
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Steel strip feeding from accumulator into forming group high frequency electric resistance welding tube exit from calibration group Flying circular saw unit for tubes cutting

Erw tube plant of "AG STEEL LLC" is equipped with two erw tube lines BTM-160 and BTM-520. Their technological capabilities allow producing electric-welded longitudinal tubes of round section with diameter 16 168 mm, wall thickness 0.8 6.0 mm and profile tubes with 1015 - 130130 mm section and wall thickness 0.8 5.0 mm. The equipment ensures production output in full compliance with norms requirements and the highest quality of weld seam obtained by high frequency welding method.

Crack detectors are integrated into the tube lines in order to guarantee quality of our products. All tubes without exception pass 100% non-destructive eddy current testing allowing to detect defects of the weld seam and base material of tubes.

We use hot- and cold-rolled steel strip of our own production as a source material for electric-welded tubes.

Dispatched tubes are firmly packed with steel strip into batches. Each batch is marked with two tags containing the following information: standard or normative and technical documentation, tubes dimension, steel grade and upon customers request, melt number, lot number, batch weight, manufacturers trademark. Each batch of dispatched products is accompanied with Quality Certificate indicating results of tube material chemical analysis and mechanical tests regulated by normative and technical documentation.

Quality control system of "AG STEEL LLC" is certified in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO-9001. Certificate of the quality control system No. UA2.006.08396-14 is issued on April 02, 2014 and is valid till April 01, 2019. The Certificate confirms that quality control system of production for prime quality hot- and cold-rolled steel strips, electrically welded steel pipes/tubes with a diameter from 16 to 168 mm and electrically welded steel profile tubes with the dimensions from 1510 to 130130 mm conforms to the requirements of DSTU ISO 9001-2001.

Production of pipes/tubes as per GOST 3262-75, GOST 10705-80, GOST 13663-86 is certified within UkrSEPRO system, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity No. UA1.070.0023628-14, No. UA1.070.0023639-14, No. UA1.070.0144768-10 No. UA1.070.0023644-14 issued on April 24, 2014 and valid till May 01, 2014.

In order to expand the range of our products with regard to geometrical dimensions and steel grades regulated by existing normative documentation, and taking into consideration production technological capabilities of "AG STEEL LLC", we have developed technical specifications TU U 27.2-20330053-001:2009 "Electrically Welded Line-weld Hollow Steel Profiles of Round, Square and Rectangular Section", registered on August 14, 2009 at the State Register of Technical Specifications No.04725906/012212.

Production of pipes/tubes as per TU U 27.2-20330053-001:2009 is certified within UkrSEPRO system, which is confirmed by the certificate of conformity No. UA1.070.0023786-14 issued on April 24, 2009 and valid till May 01, 2019.

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